PVC, The Environment, And A Small Helpful Solution

PVC, The Environment, And A Small Helpful Solution

Vane Saver
PVC Vane Savers

PVC vanes are a vital part of vertical blinds but oftentimes get thrown away upon replacement. Most end up in landfills and sometimes even left as trash on a sidewalk or the in ocean garbage pile ups such as The Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch
Blinds on side of road
Vertical Blinds on the side of the road





Plastics like PVC are made with chemicals so it’s always encouraged to recycle as much as possible instead of letting these petroleum made products take up space in our landfills. A lot of people still find it a chore to store plastic items and take them in for recycling, so the next best thing is to re-use a product.



When it comes to PVC vanes, it’s difficult to re-use them once they have broken at the top. Sometimes they become brittle due to the Sun and other times they become damaged due to abuse. Whatever the case, once they break at the top, it’s usually time to throw them away and purchase new ones.

Vertical Blinds

But thanks to an amazing product called Vane Savers, PVC vanes can now be re-used instead of being discarded as trash. Vane Savers clip on to the top of the broken vane and allow them to be re-attached to the vertical blind head rail. It’s also a very affordable product so in addition to preventing more plastic trash, they also save you from having to purchase new vanes.

So if you are unable to recycle your broken vanes, re-use them and give them a re-purpose by utilizing the Vane Saver. It beats throwing them away and you’ll be doing the environment and ocean a favor.

Let us all contribute to keeping our environment clean in order for us and many other generations to enjoy beautiful ocean views such as these ones in Hawaii!

Come purchase our PVC vane savers today on our website at www.blindandscreen.com or by calling us at 800-341-9054!

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